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Midmade LEX 70 Folding Loft Ladder SKU: Midmade-Lex70

Ceiling Height 2.7 - 3.2m
Hatch Size Reqd 2 sizes available
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Code / SKU Weight Minimum Landing Space No. of Pieces Ceiling Height Insulation Opening Size Price Qty
1615003 27.00 1305mm 3 3200mm 70mm thick trapdoor insulation 0.40W/m2 oC 700mm x 1130mm

RRP: £377.94

Inc. Vat: £350.40 Exc. Vat: £292.00

1615000 25.00 1305mm 3 2700mm 70mm thick trapdoor insulation 0.40W/m2 oC 540mm x 1130mm

RRP: £359.94

Inc. Vat: £334.39 Exc. Vat: £278.66

The MidMade LEX 70 Wooden Loft Ladder is manufactured from Scandinavian coniferous wood, and combines the highest level of access safety with sophisticated design. MidMade loft ladders are the product of choice in high-end residential and commercial properties throughout Europe.

Delivered ready to assemble with a complete frame as well as detailed assembly instructions with pictures. The trap door is painted with a white base coat, insulated with 70 mm of polystyrene and sealed to prevent heat loss and draught. Spring balanced trap door, easily manoeuvred with handle and fitted with an espagnolette lock with two bolts. Wooden 3-part folding ladder which fits on to the hatch door when folded, no loft clearance required. If you need to adjust the ladder length you would simply be able to cut the ladder to size, with a cutting guide provided with the ladder. The face of the trap door can be covered with timber panelling etc. to blend in with your present decoration as the hinges are concealed.

This product has multiple options, all technical specifications can be found in the table above.

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