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Loft Ladders

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Loft ladders offer a convenient way of accessing any attic, making use of the extra space available. We offer both aluminium and wooden options, and have a range of folding, sliding, telescopic and concertina attic solutions, suitable for all surroundings. Please bear in mind, as with most of this particular product, the existing hatch needs to hinge downwards for it to be fitted properly.

*Please note that hatch is not supplied unless specified.

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We have a large range of loft ladders, with a suitable solution for almost any loft opening. Most of our range are made from high quality, tough aluminium and the others are manufactured from specially selected Scandinavian wood. They are designed for everyday regular use when accessing the loft, and will last a lifetime. You can get handrails on a number of items which help assist you and keep your balance whilst accessing your loft, this can help people who are uneasy with heights and are less trustworthy of loft ladders.

Our entire range come with many safety features such as deep slip resistant treads and all come complete with fitting instructions to help you fit your loft ladder as easily & safely as possible.

Choosing one may appear to be a trick task, but you should be able to identify suitable products using the various options provided on the page. Knowing the loft hatch size, floor to ceiling height and the amount of usable space in the loft are all important measures to ensure the correct fitting. We also have a range of sliding ladders which are suitable for smaller loft hatches, however these occupy more space in your loft. Our folding, telescopic and concertina ranges do not occupy a large amount of space when closed. On the downside they require a much larger loft hatch opening, since they sit on top of the loft hatch. Our folding range come complete with a loft hatch that can be installed directly into the loft opening. The hatch that is supplied with our folding range is coated with white melamine meaning that it can be easily painted to lend with your existing decor.

We also supply a number with fire resistant hatches, and many of our top-end range are designed with a large amount of insulation in the loft hatch. We are conscious that there are a lot of people for whom energy efficiency is important and the insulation coefficients are shown among the technical specifications on the relevant range.

Customer Testimonials

  • I had been meaning to update our loft ladder for ages and had not got around to it. I was quite unsure as to what I needed so really appreciated being able to talk to someone who guided me through the products available. I'm very satisfied with what I've purchased. It's so much better than what we had before.Jennifer Mason