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Extension Ladders

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We stock a range of extension ladders, suitable for domestic, trade and industrial use. Our vast range is available in 2-section or 3-section aluminium, fibreglass or wood and is certified to relevant British Standards. These are perfect for working at height, carrying out a wide range of jobs and store away very neatly to use up as little space as possible.

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26 Item(s)

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Extension ladders are perfect for reaching high locations, yet you need to be able to easily transport the ladder across multiple work locations, or just easily store it away and to use up a little space as possible. The advantage of a three section extension ladder is that the closed height would be smaller than the two-section version needed to achieve the same height. The advantage of the two-section extension is that you would only need to extend it once compared to twice for the three-section, making it simpler to operate.

Our entire range are made up either Class 1, Class EN131, or Class 3. Clearly labeled allowing you to pick the perfect one for you usage. If you are unsure what class you should be trying to purchase here’s a quick run down: Class 1 is for industrial usage, the expectation is for the ladder to be used on a daily basis on industrial workplaces such as building sites. Class EN131 is for professional usage, such as window cleaning, outdoor painting etc. Class three is purely for domestic usage, so putting up the christmas decorations, and cleaning out those gutters!
Our entire range of ladders come with all the latest health & safety information. For example, they’ll come with a guide for the correct positioning angle. When looking at the extended height of any of range you will need to keep in mind this isn’t the intended height that the item will reach when in usage. You will need to account for the angle at which the ladder is positioned to properly calculate the optimal height.

If you are ever unsure of anything, before purchasing make sure you call our sales team for the best information and buying advice. This will ensure you purchase the correct item for the job. Furthermore enquire about delivery if you at all unsure as this can usually take a few days and if you need your order sooner rather than later it is best to know up front before purchasing.

Our entire range are used by tradesmen up and down the country, and we only select the best for our store and offer the best possible price so you can cut on costs.

Customer Testimonials

  • Just what I needed for cleaning my guttering. This is really strong and I feel confident using it. I'm always a little nervous with heights so getting a sturdy and stable ladder was essential. I'm really pleased and wished I have got this sooner. I also added a stand-off so that I can easily work on the gutters.Ben Smith