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  • Why Buy a Telescopic Ladder

    telescopic laddersThe main advantage of telescopic ladders are the simple fact they can be easily stored. The sleek design means they can be slotted down to a size smaller than a deck chair, making them perfect for putting in the back of a work van, a small storage cupboard or a shed.

    We have designed our telescopic ladders to be as compact as possible, we also installed an anti-pinch system to protect your fingers.

    All of our telescopic ladders are made from aluminium which means they are very lightweight, this makes them perfect for transporting, domestic use, commercial use and much more. The aluminium does not just make the telescopic ladders durable and lightweight, they also mean they have a rust resistant surface.

    The aluminium along with the strong joinery also makes the telescopic ladders extremely durable. all of our products are tested to both British and European standards and come with at least a one year warranty.

    The telescopic ladders are designed to be extremely easy to use, the British Tool Company brand especially are designed for safety, as mentioned before they come with an anti-pinch system we also add domed rubber feet for grip and specially shaped rungs for improved friction.

  • Our Number One Selling Combination Aluminium Ladder USA

    A majority of our distributors ship to the USA, we have found that our number one selling combination Ladder is the Lyte Combination Ladder. This product is popular for many reasons, mainly its fantastic value for money.

    The Lyte Combination Ladder is chosen by skilled tradesmen as it is designed for trade use, this is due to its versatility and the fact it is far more durable than other domestic selling products.

    Another few reasons this combination ladder is so popular among tradesmen is it comes with non slip rubber feet at rungs, it is equipped with stabiliser bar, it is certified to BSEN 131 standards and is suitable as both a 2 or 3 section extension ladder, in other words you get a lot of bang for your buck!

    If you have any questions about any of the products you see on the Ladder Sales Direct website, please do not hesitate to phone our dedicated sales team on 0117 330 2277.

  • Loft ladders - helping you keep your house warm

    Energy efficiency and insulating your home is becoming more popular and widely practiced. One of the simplest things to do is insulation of your loft, with 270mm of insulation being recommended as best practice. Using your loft as an extra bedroom, store room or studio is now very common, and selecting an appropriate loft ladder is more important. Many of our loft ladders come complete with a loft hatch and can be fitted to an existing opening into the ceiling. All of our loft ladders that come complete with a loft hatch feature varying degrees of insulation and are fitted with a plastic draught excluder to prevent heat loss into the loft when not in use.

    The insulation in the loft hatch ranges from 20mm in some of our entry-level loft ladders up to 70mm on the top of the range models, with the insulation being from rock-wool. The measure of heat loss is in W/m2oC, with a smaller number indicating less heat lost through the loft hatch. It is definitely worth carefully considering which loft ladder to choose, and if the existing loft hatch or loft ladder you have installed is letting heat escape into the loft. By improving the insulation in the loft hatch you are likely to quickly reduce your heating bills, which will easily pay for an improved loft ladder.

  • Card Factory choose Ladder Sales Direct for its Step Ladders

    Card Factory, one of the UK's leading greeting cards retailers, has ordered step ladders from Ladder Sales Direct for each of its 577 stores. The Lyte Aluminium Platform Step Ladders (ESP4) are tested to Class 1 industrial standard, meaning that they are ideal for regular use in a warehouse or shop environment. These step ladders are used to re-stock shelves, reach for reserve stock from normally out of reach locations and carry out all kinds of jobs around the store.

    Step ladders are ideal for a huge range of jobs, from shop and warehouse work as explained above, to jobs around the house. Having racking or shelving and a good set of step ladders vastly increases the storage space in a shop or warehouse. Platform step ladders have a large platform at the top of the ladder, giving a safe and secure location to stand and carry out your work.

    To select a step ladder, there are a few things to consider. Working out how many steps or treads you require is important, but more crucial is the height you require the platform to be, as different manufacturers occasionally will manufacture step ladders with different spacing between steps, meaning that two different 6 tread steps ladders may not be the same height. Finally it is important to realise that when describing a step ladder with a platform, the platform counts as the top step, so for example a 5 tread step ladder would consist of 4 steps and a platform.

  • Loft Ladders from Ladder Sales Direct

    Ladder Sales Direct offers a large and extensive range of Loft Ladders suitable for Lofts of various hatch sizes, and with various floor to floor heights. Having a loft ladder within your household could be extremely beneficial as it makes for extra landing space and storage space. Our loft ladder range comprises of both aluminium loft ladders and wooden loft ladders and includes telescopic ladders, folding loft ladders, sliding loft ladders and also concertina attic loft ladders. When ordering from please remember that the existing loft hatch will need to hinge downwards for the majority of our Loft Ladder range.

    Our range of Loft Ladders includes some ladders made from tough aluminium, whilst others are made from specially selected Scandinavian wood which make each ladder ideal for everyday use. We also have a selection of handrails available whether it be a single handrail to one side, or a double handrail to help provide assistance whilst ascending into the attic via your chosen loft ladder. Other safety features are included throughout our entire range including deep slip resistant treads amongst other features.

    Our broad selection of loft ladders includes something for everyone and comes with installation instructions which can help assist you with the installation. All of our loft ladders also come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Telescopic Ladder Range from Ladder Sales Direct

    Our large and successful range of Telescopic Ladders range in heights of up to 3.85 meters and our stock comes from a range of leading Telescopic Ladder manufacturers along with our own Lamboro range of telescopic ladders including; Telescopic Ladders, Telescopic Step Ladders, and Multi-Purpose telescopic ladders that are perfect for any purpose whether it be for the home or for commercial use as a trade or professional ladder. This range features a smooth clicking extend and lock mechanism to enable your ladder to click into place with minimal effort. Our excellent range of telescopic ladders has proved extremely popular especially with surveyors or for domestic purposes where storage space is minimal. Please be sure to always read the instructions provided with your ladder if to ensure the ladder is erected in the correct and safe way.

    Telescopic ladders are a must have simply because it has become the world’s best innovative design of a ladder. It has been design with compactness in mind so that storage is easier; however this design principle has not taken away from the telescopic ladders strength and durability. The name telescopic can be derived from telescope for the reason that the legs act as a telescope as they compact down. Opening the ladder is extremely simple and can be done by simply pulling the ladder upwards, one rung at a time, until it is at the optimum height for the specific job needed. Please be sure that the rungs are locked into place before you start ascending the ladder.

    Other features you will notice include that the Telescopic Ladder is extremely lightweight and therefore makes it easy to carry anywhere, its compactness ensures that it is extremely easy to transport even in a small car boot so there is no need to hire a van or roof rack, its multiple ladder lengths within the one unit makes it ideal for almost any job where heights up to 3.85 meters need to be reached, and finally, its simplistic closing design allows you to close the ladder rung by rung by way of a pair of push buttons on each rung.

    Telescopic Ladder 3.8m

  • Loft Ladders Info

    Loft ladders can be extremely convenient especially when you are often accessing your loft day in and day out. Another fantastic advantage of loft ladders is the fact that they are a great space saving idea. We have a choice of either wooden or aluminium loft ladders and also offer a range of sliding, telescopic and folding loft ladders, we always recommend you get a specialist to fit your ladder properly.

    If you are looking and an aluminium loft ladder we only use very high quality tough aluminium however our wooden loft ladders are made from specially selected sturdy Scandinavian wood. We offer an option for double handrails with some of our loft ladders to provide reassurance when mounting. Our massive range of loft ladders come with safety features to prevent slipping and other such risks.

    When making your choice on what loft ladder will suit your loft can be difficult, however you should be able to find the perfect one easily by using the options at the top of our category page.

  • Our best selling Loft Ladders

    At Ladder Sales Direct, we have a huge range of loft ladders, suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We have aluminium loft ladders that are ideal for use in a domestic setting, where the loft hatch is small and there is limited space in the hallway or landing. Aluminium ladders are available in both 2 and 3 sections, meaning that choosing the best aluminium loft ladder is simple. Our aluminium loft ladders are sliding loft ladders, so the ladder will take up space on the loft floor.

    Timber loft ladders are a very popular and stylish choice which look great in both modern and traditional properties. The majority of our timber loft ladders are folding ladders, which take up no space in the loft with the ladder sitting on the top of the loft hatch. In general folding loft ladders have a larger hatch size than a sliding loft ladder, and this is why a very popular choice is the Dolle Mini 4 Section Folding Timber Loft Ladder. The 4 section folding loft ladder takes up less ceiling space than the 3 section equivalent, meaning that it can be fitted into a lot more properties without the requirement for expanding the loft hatch, making the job of installing the ladder a lot easier.

    We also stock a range of telescopic loft ladders and concertina loft ladders, these are ideal for when loft space is at a premium. Like a folding loft ladder, both telescopic and concertina loft ladders sit above the loft hatch. Telescopic loft ladders are an ultra-modern product that makes accessing your loft a pleasure, easy to extend and close, the loft ladder can be extended by pulling a pair of plastic rings, this releases the ladder and means that it can be extened.

    In conclusion, there is a huge range of loft ladders available at Ladder Sales Direct, suitable for a wide selection of applications. We supply a large number of loft ladders to loft ladder installers, councils, businesses and schools. There is a solution for every requirement.

  • Most Popular Adjustable Ladder Stand-Off


    This Ladder Stand Off is our most popular stand off and is a robust aluminium device which features a span of over 3 feet which is capable of holding your ladder anywhere between 17-24 inches clear of walls which make accessing your window maintenance and guttering so much easier.

    This standoff comes with a paint can holder and fits most ladders, it also increases the safety and stability of the ladder by securing positioning the ladder away from guttering for ease of access. Its shipping weight is 2.5kg and is quick and easy to fit and it detachable.

  • Best Selling Step Ladders

    Ladder Sales Direct have been established since 2004 and over that period of time we have managed to build up a selection of Best Sellers, below outlines our best selling Step Ladders in a nutshell.


    This Step Ladder is available in various sizes from 3 treads to 8 treads and with a working height varying from 235cm to 345cm depending on your personal preference. This ladder comes with a plastic rail with an integrated bucket hook and has safety feet for 100% ground contact. This product come with 10 year manufacturers warranty.


    This range is also available in various sizes including 4 tread, 5 tread, 6 tread, 8 tread and 10 tread and the products opening sizes on this range is from 1.1m up to 2.74m. This Step Ladder is ideal for electricians or any place where metal ladders are not allowed because it is a superb insulator. Complete with Large, high quality non-slip feet and a moulded tool tray, this heavy duty fibreglass side sections is of EN131 Trade Duty Rating standards.

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