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  • Titan Trojan Industrial 2 Section Ladder with Rope and Pulley SKU: Titan-2SRO

    Extended Height 8.1 - 13.2m
    Closed Height 4.5 - 7.0m
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    Code / SKU Treads Extended Height Closed Height Weight Price Qty
    TRO45DR 17 8.1m 4.5m 28.00

    RRP: £623.00

    Inc. Vat: £597.04 Exc. Vat: £497.53

    TRO50DR 19 9.1m 5m 33.00

    RRP: £688.90

    Inc. Vat: £660.18 Exc. Vat: £550.15

    TRO55DR 21 10.1m 5.5m 40.00

    RRP: £843.52

    Inc. Vat: £792.23 Exc. Vat: £660.19

    TRO60DR 23 11.1m 6m 49.00

    RRP: £886.58

    Inc. Vat: £849.63 Exc. Vat: £708.02

    TRO70DR 27 13.2m 7m 54.00

    RRP: £1,003.39

    Inc. Vat: £961.57 Exc. Vat: £801.31

    This is our heaviest duty Class 1 extension ladder with extended height of up to 13.2m. The Titan Trojan extension ladder is well known to be the best in its class, and this is the rope and pulley operated version, meaning that a very large ladder can be extended safely by one person. This is made with safety and strength in mind, the ladder is fitted with articulated non-slip feet to make sure that the ladder is safe when in use. Wall running wheels also come as standard, which help extend the ladder up the wall when handling such a large ladder.

    Our largest rope operated extension ladder is a 27-rung version measuring 7m when closed and 13.2m extended. These are made to Class 1 standard, by getting one of these ladders you can be sure the ladder is built well enough for any job you have in mind. The rectangular box section construction ensures that the ladder is very strong and rigid, while the D-section rungs ensure comfort when using the ladder. Some cheaper ladders have square rungs which mean that when the ladder is in position against the side of a building you are actually stood on the edge of the square rung. With D-shaped rungs they are positioned at an angle so that when in use you stand fully on top of the rung, making use much more comfortable and more importantly safer.

    • Rectangular box section construction for extra strength and rigidity
    • Large D Shaped rungs positioned at the correct angle to ensure comfort and safety
    • Fitted with articulated non-slip feet
    • Fitted with wall running wheels

    This product has multiple options, all technical specifications can be found in the table above.

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